Basics of a content creation marketing strategy


Content marketing starts with quality, well-written content. Flickr / tudor / CC-BY-SA

Content creation is hard work, and that’s why most blogs fail. In 2008, Technorati found that almost 95 percent of all blogs had been essentially abandoned, and only a tiny percentage of the millions of blogs out there get a significant number of readers or page views. Given these odds, it is important to approach a content strategy carefully to ensure both effectiveness and return on investment.

Content strategy basics

A content marketing strategy means using content to market your brand, product or service. That content helps build brand identity and social reputation, improve name recognition and bring in readers. Readers will eventually become leads and customers. A study by Hubspot confirmed that inbound or content-based marketing strategies have a lower cost per lead and higher success rate when compared to marketing strategies that do not include content. Content is, simply put, what builds authority, viewership and income potential on many websites.

Quality is better than quantity

When you set out to start with content marketing, remember that quality will always win out over quantity. Quantity-heavy content websites, known as “content farms,” target search engine results rather than individual readers. In the past, content farms could rise very high in search engine results and turn a profit. Now, content farms that target search engine algorithms are being cut out by search engine updates such as Google’s Panda. Craft your content for readers and potential customers. Providing quality over quantity will always pay off in the end. There are many services out there, such as the startup Contently, that can help match sites needing content with vetted writers who can provide the quality needed.

Keep it current

As a marketer, it is important to recognize that there is no such thing as a “big secret.” Instead, it is about maintaining consistency. You should have a strategy for how to market your content. This strategy should include the voice, the view and the general schedule for your content. Follow the strategy, track the effects of your efforts, and make adjustments along the way, keeping what works and jettisoning what does not. Most of all, make sure you do not unintentionally become one of the billions of blogs that have fallen by the wayside. Becoming a part of the 5 percent of content creators who stick  with it is a huge part of making your efforts a success.

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