Featured Affiliate Offer: Credit Sesame

A new offer has been launched on an Adworkz affiliate network. Credit Sesame is an affiliate offer that pays out $4 per conversion, and the conversion requires no payment.

Basics of Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame is an entirely free credit report service that provides a numerical credit score to the customer. Credit Sesame does not charge for the service, instead using the credit information provided to the customer to provide offers for loans, credit cards and other financial services. Customers are able to see their scores, model what effect certain actions will have on their score and view debt analysis.

Benefits to Affiliates

For affiliates, Credit Sesame is a very appealing offer. The conversion requires no payment or credit card on the part of the customer. The cookie referral period is 30 days, meaning that any customer who ends up signing up and converting within 30 days of clicking your link counts as a conversion. At $4 per conversion and clean creative options, Credit Sesame is an affiliate offer that well-optimized marketing campaigns should be able to drive conversions on.

Allowed affiliate actions

Credit Sesame offers five methods of driving clicks and conversions: direct links to creditsesame.com, content marketing, banner advertising, Twitter and Facebook are all allowable. Incentivized programs, games and ad bids on a list of keywords associated with Credit Sesame are not allowed. Any website or blog that already focuses on financial products or offers would be especially well-suited to this new Credit Sesame offer.

Check in the “Financial” section of your Adworkz AdZone for more details on the Credit Sesame offer.

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