Google Analytics Rolls Out Major Enhancements

Google Analytics, everyone’s favorite web analytics platform, has released some new features that give webmasters deeper insight into their website’s visitor behavior and suggested areas for improvement.

Visitor Engagement GoalsGoogle Analytics

GA’s goal tracking ability just got a whole lot better with the introduction goal metrics using visitor pages per visit and visitor time on page. By measuring pages per visit and time on site as goals, GA users are better able to understand their website visitor engagement and branding efforts. And – goal limits have increased from 5 to 20 per profile.

Improved Mobile Reporting

GA users now have the ability to track and monitor mobile marketing efforts on both mobile websites and mobile applications, which include all web-enabled devices. And, for the first time, tracking is not limited to JavaScript enabled devices. This is great news for Android and iPhone developers who have previously not been able to accurately track separate ad campaign results.

Analytics Intelligence

What do you do with all the analytics data to actually improve your website? That is the question that GA’s new feature aims to answer. This feature will automatically deliver alerts based on metrics that it already knows to look for; saving you from having to dig through the data.

Already know what you need to look for? The Intelligence feature lets you set up custom alerts for any metrics and dimensions at the frequency range that you desire.

The update to GA also includes several improvements to custom filtering, custom variables, data segmenting, and sharing.

With the holiday season fully upon us, now is the perfect time to dive into your website analytics data to uncover visitor behavior trends that will allow you to improve your website user experience.

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