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Matthew Epstein's marketing plan included a cardboard cutout that featured his (fake) mustache - and it got him an interview with Google. Image: Flickr / sterlic / CC-BY-SA

Marketing is a tough uphill battle. No matter what product or service you are trying to get into the world, a cacophony of other messages can make cutting through the din tough. One marketer has achieved surprisingly quick results, though, with his campaign.

Matthew Epstein’s plan

Matthew Epstein is a marketer and “digital strategist” who desperately wants a job at Google. Rather than go through the traditional method of waiting for a job opening and applying, Epstein decided to apply the skills he wanted to put to use in a job as a marketer. He built a plan that included everything from a website and seven foot tall cardboard cutout to “big marketing and PR initiatives” that were planned to last 21 days.

Fast results from

It was just two days from the time Epstein launched to the time he received a call from Google’s staffing department. Epstein has been told that he must go through the traditional Google hiring process, which starts with a phone interview and moves from there. At the time Epstein received a call from the staffing department, Google had decided the rest of the marketing and public relations efforts that were planned should not be carried out.

Marketing lessons from

Matthew Epstein, in his blog post outlining his effort to be hired, said:

I learned two valuable lessons over the last 12 hours: Never overnight large object across the United States and don’t launch your campaign piece by piece, launch it all at once for greater impact.

Epstein also said:

If I don’t hear back from Google by the end of next week I’m going to move forward with my original ideas, so there’s still a chance you’ll all get to see what crazy plans I had in store for Google!

In short, Epstein has contradicted his own statement. When you are marketing a product, you should always have a backup plan or second option. Marketing is about getting your message out there, and you should ensure that you have another plan of attack, just in case. This doesn’t mean always go over the top, it just means you should carefully consider and know that things do not always go as planned, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.

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