Adworkz Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are computer code that are picked up and stored by your internet browser. They are, in turn, read by websites, such as ours.

What are cookies used for?

For Adworkz site users, cookies are used to gather information about behavior and preferences. This is so we can look at our site’s traffic information for things like what you looked at, how long you looked at it, how many people liked what pages and so forth (such as with Google Analytics) but also to see how we can improve the user experience for you.

Social networking sites might also record the fact that you were here.

What if I don’t want them?

Cookies installed by this site are used only to gain information that will improve the user experience. We don’t store or transmit any personal information unless you actually submit it to us. By using the site, you agree to cookies being enabled and used, so if you don’t want them, you’ll have to leave. You can delete any cookies at your leisure by doing so through your internet browser’s privacy settings.

Adworkz Advertising Cookies and Opt Out

When you visit a web page with an ad served by the Adworkz Advertising Platform, cookies are set in your web browser so that ads can be better tailored to your preferences.

What about my personal information?

Adworkz Cookies do not record personal information about you.
We do not collect:
Your Name
Your Address
Your phone number
Credit card information

What’s the big idea?

The cookies stored on your browser tells the Adworkz Platform about your browsing history and habits. Based on what sites you have been visiting, advertising can be tailored to your individual preferences in order to better improve the experience for you, the user.

Your IP address can be used by advertisers who are “geo-targeting,” in specific locations. A person in California, for instance, doesn’t want to see ads from businesses in Indiana. This helps show ads that are more relevant to you.

What if I don’t want them?

The Adworkz Platform adheres to the Do Not Track policy. Here’s how you opt out of being tracked: