using analytics for conversion optimization
After preparing a brilliant marketing campaign and releasing your new product, it can be surprising when customers do not flock to your website. One of the reasons why this can happen is because your website needs to be conversion optimized. To optimize for conversions, use these tips to make sure that viewers stay on your website, get engaged and want to buy your product. These conversion optimization tips are a great way to make your website successful.

1. The Best Conversion Optimization Tips: Start With the Data

It is impossible to know if your site is performing well unless you are always collecting data about your consumers. You need to know what your consumers want, the related products they could be interested and why they may avoid purchasing an item. Surveys and analytic tools can help you find out where your website is going wrong. By profiling your consumers, you can increase your customer lifetime value while boosting your conversion rates.

2. Make a Unique Page for Each Campaign

If you are designing a new marketing campaign, you need to create a tailor-made landing page. Your campaign copy will help determine how this page will work. Before the designer can figure out how to make the page, they have to know what type of copy and products will go on it. Once your vision is communicated visually, it forms a cohesive, targeted message that gets each viewer engaged.

3. Mobile Devices Still Matter

There are several reasons why your site needs to be optimized for mobile devices. According to PC Magazine, Google will penalize websites that are not designed for mobile devices. If your site is not optimized, you may miss out on valuable leads. In addition, a cumbersome website will make it difficult for a consumer to interact. If you are not optimized for mobile devices, you are essentially driving away any user that needs a mobile device to visit your site.

4. A Fast Website Will Always Succeed

According to Forbes, faster websites always win when you want to optimize for conversions. Often, marketers think that the only thing that matters is getting someone to click on a button or follow through on a call to action. While these things are obviously important, you first have to bring the consumer to that step. If your website is too slow, your potential buyer will leave before they even see the call to action. In an Aberdeen Group study mentioned in Forbes, researchers found that a delay of one second in the page load time resulted in 11 percent fewer page views. When it comes to your site, every second matters.

5. Keep Your Copy Short

With so many electronic devices and tailored advertisements, it is unsurprising that the average person has a very short attention span. If you are writing long-winded copy, some of your potential leads will become bored before they finish reading. Whether you are writing a website page or an email, stick to short paragraphs. As a rule, each email or landing page should focus on just one goal. Keep each page short and to the point if you want to be conversion optimized.

6. Conversion Optimization Tips for Your Landing Page

For your website to succeed, you need to have a killer landing page. Obviously, one of the most important factors is your call to action. Other than this, you need persuasive copy in your subheadings and headline. Some readers will only skim the main subheadings, so make sure that each one is descriptive. If you really want your landing page to stand out, do a video, a list of benefits or features and your social proof.

7. Put Your Call to Action Above the Fold

If you want to optimize your conversion rates, you need to make sure that readers can easily click on the call to action. Many websites place a call to action at the bottom of the page. While this is useful, you can also add a hyperlink for the call to action within your text. Some readers will not read the entire page, so you need this extra link to give them a chance to get engaged.
You can turn site visitors into paying customers through careful design and excellent copy. By tailoring your website, you can make sure that each visitor has a chance to get engaged. To find out more about leads, conversions, and your business, visit today.