mobile app designs for restaurants

It’s hard to stay on top of the ever-changing mobile app design trends. We’ve put together a list of 7 modern mobile app designs specifically for restaurants, which take advantage of the latest design standards across iOS and Android devices.

According to Forbes, 10 percent of all quick-service restaurant sales in 2020 will be made by a smartphone. Mobile app designs are growing increasingly important for modern restaurants. Restaurant goers want to arrive to find their food ready and be able to enjoy the experience. At the very least, customers want to go to your mobile page to learn more about the restaurant, menu and hours.


Finding the Best Mobile App Designs for Restaurants

By getting a well-designed mobile app for your business, you gain direct control over your brand. Images, textures and content on the app can convince viewers that your restaurant offers mouth-watering, delectable treats. These mobile apps for restaurants can help you reach out to new clients while boosting your current client relationships.

cupcakes for everyone - mobile app designs for restaurants1. Cupcakes for Everyone With Susie Bon-Bae’s App

Designed by Mario De Kauwe, this is one of the most modern mobile apps. The initial screen is simple, uncluttered and attractive. On the next page, users can select from “Menu,” “My Fav” and “About Us.” Each menu item shows a scrumptious image and a short description. Through the app, users can easily check out their favorite menu items and order them from their mobile devices.

2. Delicious Dining With the Loading Screen by Zane DavidDelicious dining app = mobile app designs for restaurants

Mobile apps like this one are perfect for attracting new viewers. It loads easily on a mobile device, but manages to look effortlessly amazing. The image takes up most of the initial page, so viewers instantly engage with the company. As far as branding goes, this page is one of the best examples available of instantly showing off the company’s brand and connecting with the viewer.

the-summit-breakfast-app3. Mobile Breakfasts Made Easy With the Summit by Stephanie Hawn

Modern mobile apps do not have to be complicated to be effective. The Summit app features the app design work of Stephanie Hawn for the Summit Cafe. Students at Seattle Central College wanted to have breakfast ready as soon as they arrived at a shop so that they could make it to class in time.
To answer this need, Hawn created an app that allows customers to order from anywhere. Users just have to click on the food category that they want, and images appear for each type of food. These items can be further customized before the entire shopping cart is paid for. The orange coloring makes the app distinctive, and it is exceptionally easy to navigate.

Simple Navigation With the Flat Interface Design by Christian Pfeiffer4. Simple Navigation With the Flat Interface Design by Christian Pfeiffer

This type app shows how important navigation is when it comes to mobile apps for restaurants. From the initial page, users can easily access their shopping cart, menu items and personal favorites. Afterward, each page of the app focuses on visually stimulating images and descriptions to get the viewer to buy the menu item.

food-pocket-iOS-app-splashscreen5. Innovation With Food Pocket Mohamed Nasserui

While it may not be designed for an individual restaurant, Food Pocket earns extra points for innovation. It allows users to include their favorite restaurants, reviews and locations. Users can plan out when they want to go to each restaurant. From the pure splash screen to a clean home screen, this mobile app displays a simplistic beauty that allows the restaurants to really shine. Modern restaurants can use this design as an inspiration for navigation, functionality and simplistic beauty.

woman testing a bakery mobile app6. Seamless Integration With the Nonpareils Bakery by Mike

According to Business Insider, restaurant apps need to seamlessly blend the physical and digital worlds. By integrating the store experience with online purchasing, restaurants can boost their revenue and cater to a growing client base. This beautiful app, originally made for a bakery, is a beautiful example of seamless integration. Along the side, users can select the types of menu items that they want. Meanwhile, the right side of the screen is designed to showcase the latest promotions and specials. The entire app is similar to what the customer would experience at the store, but far more convenient.


rise and shine mobile app7. Community Connections in the Rise & Shine App by Anna DeFazio

This iPhone app is perfect for creating a community-like atmosphere at a restaurant. It allows users to share social photos and manage breakfast images. Users can track their food experiences at the restaurant and provide recommendations. The unique aspect of this app is the community atmosphere. While some restaurant apps stick to just online ordering, this app is an example of what could be possible. Creating an online community of reviewers and recommendations can help the restaurant create social proof about the quality of their products.
Modern mobile apps feature clean designs and seamless functionality. These apps are important for improving customer experiences and promoting the restaurant. While they can stick to just menu options, innovative apps can also include spaces for customers to share their favorite dishes, leave reviews and interact with the company. For more information about mobile app designs for restaurants, check out