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Managing client numbers and orders is not always easy. While many companies use a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, other businesses use a basic Rolodex. Customer relationship management (CRM) software programs are designed to make the task of managing clients easier. The best CRM platforms remember all of the client’s information, phone numbers and social media interaction. All of this information represents new opportunities for up-selling products and tracking invoices. With the right approach, the best CRM platforms can help you boost your team’s productivity and sales.

1. Customer Integration With Pipedrive

According to Forbes, one of the problems with even the best CRM platforms is that entrepreneurs tend to focus on how the platform can reach out to new clients. While finding new customers is important, the first goal should be to build a relationship with current customers. Programs like Pipedrive can help small teams manage their sales pipelines. It helps to manage communication and tasks so that everything is accomplished. The intuitive software program integrates easily with other programs like MailChimp, Google Apps and Zapier for a seamless sales pipeline.

2. Gmail Integration With Propeller

Propeller offers an excellent level of integration with Gmail, so you can finish a deal without having to leave your inbox. Instead of sending repetitive emails, you can create a template. Propeller lets you track your follow-up emails and easily see how many people are engaging with each message. Likewise, you can develop multi-step email campaigns. Through the many reporting and forecasting features, you can convert your prospects into paying customers.

3. Relationship Management Through Pipeline Deals

For one of the best customer relationship management, users can check out Pipeline Deals. This program works well for small and medium businesses that want to boost their sales. It integrates well with other popular apps like Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Google and Quickbooks. Plus, Pipeline Deals has an excellent customer service team for businesses that are newcomers to the platform.

4. Insightly for Tracking Deadlines and Tasks

Insightly is one of the best CRM apps focusing on tracking deadlines and closing sales deals. It boosts the efficiency of your organization so that you can focus on nurturing client relationships and increasing sales. Free accounts are offered for up to three users at a time, so small businesses can test out this app cheaply to decide if it works for them.

5. Taking Control of Your Sales Pipeline With ConnectWise

ConnectWise offers one of the top ways to control your sales pipeline. Regularly ranked as one of the best management programs for client relationships, this platform helps to track your revenue and customer information. The centralized system makes your sales more productive by gathering all of your sales and customer information in one spot.

6. ProsperWorks for Saving Time and Money

According to PC Magazine, one of the most important factors in choosing a platform is finding an easy, intuitive interface. Out of all the platforms available, ProsperWorks is one of the most intuitive. Technology newcomers can easily figure out the simple dashboard and optimization options. The highly visual tool makes it simple to identify and track sales contacts. The entire sales pipeline can be managed through the tool without any training or technical knowledge. This automatic system eliminates the need for data entry and takes only five minutes to setup.

7. Marketing 360 for Team Collaboration

Marketing 360 is highly rated because of its ability to manage potential leads and current clients. You can add as many team members as you need with their information. Customized fields can be created to store additional data. Marketing 360 can be used to track your latest deals and to assign contacts to individuals on your team. Best of all, you can access Marketing 360 from any device that has access to the internet.

8. Efficient, Simple Sales With Base

Base is an efficient system for managing sales teams and customer relationships. It automates data capture so that sales representatives can focus on generating revenue. The data that is generated can be analyzed for better business decisions through reports and analytic tools. In addition, users can analyze each individual’s performance on the team to help encourage revenue growth.

Decide on the best CRM platforms for you

Sometimes, the only thing your team needs to perform its best is the right tool. These customer relationship management platforms help to streamline all aspects of gathering leads and building client relationships. As a result, your team can enjoy better CRM and generate revenue. To find out more, check out today.