Why Your Business Needs Mobile App Development – Now

mobile app development impacts this user who is holding his smartphoneWhether or not you’re located in Spokane, Mobile app development allows your company to enhance its brand and reach out to customers. Big brands like Bank of America and Target already know the value of mobile apps. To capitalize on this trend, you have to find an iOS app development company that can tailor the app to your unique industry.

1. Enhance Your Brand and Build Name Recognition

Even in Spokane, a mobile apps development company can help your brand to reach out to customers and advertise your products. Your mobile app is like a billboard that you can use to advertise your company’s culture, vision and services. According to Forbes, customers have to hear or see your brand 20 times before it sticks in their memory. With an app, you can speed along this process so that your business is easily recognized by the public.

2. Create Customer Loyalty

There are so many advertisements online that distract viewers. With so many e-mails, website banners and ads, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Customers who use your app are more likely to see your advertisements. More importantly, they will become a loyal fan of your business.

3. Providing Customer Service and Support

According to Entrepreneur, one of the best aspects of mobile app development is that it helps to provide support for your customers. From help sections to product offerings, a mobile apps development company ensures that your company is readily accessible for customers. If your app makes life easier for your customers, they are more likely to use it. In Massachusetts, the Digital Federal Credit Union created a Mobile PC Deposit app that allows their clients to deposit checks using mobile devices. Customers use it to make their life simpler, but the app also causes them to interact with the bank’s brand and services.

4. Maintain Your Visibility at All Times

The average American spends two hours a day on their mobile device. While Americans already have apps that they use during this time, your app could become one of their favorites. At the very least, your customers will see your company’s app every time they scroll through their mobile device. Even if they do not consciously notice the app, it will unconsciously remind their subconscious about your business.

5. Create Added Value for Your Customers

Customers love getting free things and discounts. An app adds value for your clients because it provides them with additional services that they can access from their mobile device. As a result, you can enjoy more return customers and downloads.

While a custom mobile app can greatly improve your brand and name recognition, your app needs to do something valuable FOR YOUR CUSTOMER. If you provide value to them, they’ll bring their business to you. – Alec Foster, Co-Founder, CEO

6. Make Your Business Different From the Competition

An iOS app development company can help your company stand out from the crowd. If other companies in your industry have not started using apps yet, then you have an opportunity to reach out to more clients. As clients look for technology that makes their lives easier, your app will ensure that they pick your company over your competitor’s business.

7. Make a Direct Marketing Channel

A mobile app can be used for a variety of different purposes. Some companies use apps to handle booking information, news feeds or general information. No matter what app you design, you can use the app as a direct marketing channel. You can send customers notifications about new products and services that you know will actually be seen by the customer.

Imagine being an apparel store in Los Angeles. Thousands of customers walk by your store every day, but only a handful of them actually enter your store. If you have a mobile app, you could send out coupons to every customer within a one-mile radius. Instead of missing out on thousands of transactions, you could make sure that your product is advertised to the people who are most likely to stop by your shop.

8. Increase Customer Engagement

OpenTable built an entire business around reserving a table through an app. Their success is caused by the ease and simplicity of the app. Instead of calling ahead, customers can click a button and have a table reserved for them. Whether you are selling clothes or oil paint, an app can help you to engage with your clients. Messaging options and help desks can completely revolutionize the way your clients interact with your business.

From reaching a larger audience to handling customer complaints, apps are designed to increase your business. You can gain an edge on your competitor by getting a mobile app first. Once you have an app, you can boost customer engagement, new promotions and your branding efforts. To find out more, contact Adworkz.com today.