using tools like G suite in the office
Segmenting business communication and collaboration between multiple tools reduces efficiency and increases the chances of making errors. You have to manage multiple logins, and ensure you have the latest versions of all files. You also have to deal with limited accessibility outside of the office. With more points at which information can be lost or compromised, a siloed system leaves your company stranded while competitors move ahead. Using G Suite can put you back in the game.
Formerly known as Google Apps for Work, Google rebranded this collection of tools as G Suite. This comprehensive business solution addresses the common problems holding your organization back. It also addresses challenges with keeping teams connected and completing projects in a timely manner. When you need one platform for everything you do over the course of a business day, G Suite is there to rise to the challenge.

Getting to Know G Suite for Business

If you already use standard tools from Google, you’ll recognize some of the solutions available in G Suite. Suitable for businesses of all sizes, the full collection includes:

  • Gmail
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Docs
  • Google Drive
  • Google +
  • Sheets
  • Forms
  • Slides
  • Sites
  • Jamboard
  • Hangouts Meet and Chat
  • Cloud search
  • Vault

A powerful admin panel with the option for mobile device control rounds out the options. Security solutions include two-step verification and the ability to archive emails and chats. You can adjust the security settings as an administrator at any time. There’s always the option to upgrade for access to mobile audit tools, data loss prevention and advanced security key management.
You may wonder why businesses use G Suite when many of these tools are available from Google for free. G Suite takes familiar Google options to the next level with additional features. For instance, your company gets branded email addresses. You get the option to add new domains for free should you acquire them as the business expands. The Explore feature, available with several of the tools, helps you find information you need when you’re stuck or confused. It even provides suggestions for related files when working on collaborative projects to make the process go faster.

Using G Suite for Better Collaboration

One of the challenges faced by modern businesses is managing flexible schedules and a mobile workforce. By way of example, some of your employees spend more time outside the office than at their workstations. Often, whole teams are rarely ever together in the building at once, and collaborating becomes difficult. Projects are put on hold until meetings can be arranged, and the amount of time this takes is inconvenient for everyone.
When you use G Suite, the entire landscape of collaborative work changes. Team members can sign in and work on documents, spreadsheets and presentations from their mobile devices at any time. They can even communicate through the built-in chat while they work. All changes are saved automatically, so there’s no confusion resulting from some team members having outdated file versions.
If you do need to call a meeting, G Suite provides a special version of Hangouts called Hangouts Meet to facilitate productivity via video chat. The corresponding Hangouts Chat app allows workers to connect in company “chat rooms,” and both tools make it possible to share files and folders within the conference environment. For quick cloud access, simply store your files in Drive.
Third parties can be invited to work on projects when necessary to streamline communication and improve satisfaction. Clients and customers can see the progress your team is making and provide suggestions for changes or improvements right in the G Suite platform.

Communicate More Effectively when You Use G Suite

The way G Suite integrates Gmail, Hangouts and Calendar creates an ideal environment for business communication. Existing Gmail messages and contacts can easily be imported into G Suite along with Calendar appointments. The schedules of all users automatically sync so that you can see who’s available when, the days and times mobile employees will be out of the office and when important client meetings are taking place. When you want to bring your team together, all you have to do is look at the Calendar app instead of trying to chase everyone down individually.
Hangouts video conferencing can be accessed using any device with a camera, making it easy to bring together employees working in other states or even other countries as if they were right there in the office. Use the Sites tool to create a secure, private business platform for sharing information among employees so that project updates and important changes can be viewed at a glance. Google provides these features to help businesses with teams scattered across different locations maintain a sense of community.
By eliminating the restrictions of distance, G Suite creates a cohesive environment in which all employees can send messages and connect through video chat whenever necessary.

Incorporating G Suite Tools into Your Business

A 14-day free trial is available to give you time to become familiar with G Suite and decide if it’s the right solution for your business. You can add up to 10 team members and test out features for the tasks you perform most often. Choose tasks presenting obvious challenges solvable through G Suite, and see if the platform is able to save time and increase productivity.
If you discover G Suite is beneficial, you have several options for implementation. The Basic level offers enough tools for small businesses and costs just $5 per user each month. You get the most useful features of G Suite and 30 GB of cloud storage for documents. Larger companies can sign up for the $10 per user Business option and upgrade to unlimited storage. For very large corporations, Google has an Enterprise level with additional tools and advanced security features. Since payment is on a per-user basis, it’s easy to scale G Suite access up or down as your needs change.
G Suite offers a simple process for importing existing emails, contacts and appointments into the platform and provides a “Learning Center” where you and your employees can get up to speed on how best to make use of your new collection of tools.
From emails and document sharing to video conferences and brainstorming sessions, G Suite for business has everything your company needs to stay connected. Getting your entire staff together in one virtual environment with powerful tools and reliable security eliminates the time you used to lose when relying on multiple applications. Investing in G Suite can pay off with increased productivity, better project results and a smoother workflow overall.
With G Suite, all the tools you and your employees need are accessible through one simple login from any device. The cloud environment keeps your team connected even when multiple employees are out of the office. By combining tools you already use with new and powerful features, using G Suite creates a comprehensive platform to support your company’s ongoing success.