mobile trends and how to leverage them

Adworkz, Inc. is excited to announce our upcoming webinar:


On this webinar, mobility expert Chad Flesher will share his 17 years of experience in the mobility trenches. As Vice President of Sales with Adworkz, Inc., Chad will give a brief overview of mobile technology; where it’s come from and where it’s headed.

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During the session you’ll learn about several topics including:


The mobile marketplace:


  • How big is it?
  • How many people have devices now?




  • How much is mobile Internet usage expected to grow?
  • How much time to people spend on their smartphones daily?


Types of Mobile


  • Is there more than one type?
  • How could they help me with my business?


Geo fencing


  • I’ve heard of it, what is geo-fencing?
  • How are other businesses using geo-fencing?
  • Could my business take advantage of geo-fencing technology?


Beacon Technology


  • What exactly is a beacon?
  • For businesses that are using beacons, are they making a difference?
  • How could my business leverage beacons to enhance our user’s experience?


Consumer Facing vs. Internal Business Applications


  • What’s the difference?
  • Internal Business App – Ways to streamline internal processes
  • Consumer facing – How to engage customers, reach new prospects?


Source Code Model vs. SaaS


  • Is it better to own my source code?
  • Does that mean I have to maintain and update it myself?
  • Would software-as-a-service be more cost effective?


Engaging vendors


  • How do I properly vet and qualify the right vendor for this?
  • Do they really have experience?
  • What other things should I look for before i hire them?


Starbuck’s Case Study

You’ll also get an in-depth look at Starbuck’s, as a case study in cutting edge mobility usage in their market. You can learn a lot from the many ways Starbuck’s reaches new customers, engages with existing customers and crafts a superior mobile experience for their users. Expect to spend some time here with Chad as he pulls back the curtain on the magic that is the Starbuck’s mobile app.

  • What is Starbuck’s doing with their app?
  • What kinds of technologies are they integrating into their app?
  • How do those integrations come together and provide a great user experience?
  • What kind of impact does their mobile app have on the bottom line?


Representative ROI


  • What do I mean by representative ROI?
  • How can I measure the ROI of my own app?


We’ll wrap up the session by taking a look at a few other mobile app examples from other industries such as:


  • A casino – how their app engages customers and enhances their experience
  • A restaurant – how this app eliminates friction from reservations and ordering online
  • An automotive sales tool – an app that puts customers in the driving seat when it comes to customizing their new vehicle. No more high pressure sales tactics, just an easy way for the customer to make it their auto.

There will be a time for questions and answers at the end.

So, if you’re curious at all about taking advantage of mobility as a way to grow your business – click the link to get to the registration page for this webinar. You won’t want to miss it!

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