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Privacy Policy


This is the Privacy Policy for Adworkz, Inc. (hereinafter “Company”). Our Privacy Policy is designed to help you understand our general information practices, so that you understand how we collect and use personally identifying information. Adworkz will never retain personal information, and never access or use personal information outside the scope of what the Potential Lead agrees to, and we will never in any way compromise any personal information. While reading through our Policy, it is important to note that any reference to “You” or “Your” refers to any visitor on our website. Moreover, any reference to “We”, “Us”, or “Our” or refers to Adworkz Inc.




We collect all the information potential leads provide to us while on our Website. A “Potential Lead” is a person who is looking for one or more of the services we collect information for so we can provide the services directly or sell the lead to our clients or affiliates that may fulfil the offer if the Potential Lead meats their criteria. Information collected from Potential Leads includes their name, date of birth, telephone number(s), home address, Email address, Social Security number, employment information, income information, bank account information, personal references, and any other information that you provide to us. We also collect IP addresses, type of Web browser and operating system, type of computer used, and Web page http headers along with information, and all other information relating to the pages our visitors’ access.

The web sites are intended for Potential Leads to submit an application in order to receive a service or product. Potential Leads must submit the required information to be considered by one of the third party service or product providers. Even if a Potential Lead does not complete the full registration process, any personally identifiable information submitted may also be collected for our use.




The information we collect is used to help us determine which service or product may be of interest to the Potential Lead. The Potential Lead’s personal, demographic and profile information may be used to help improve our Websites, for marketing, editorial, promotional, statistical analysis, and feedback purposes. Any information collected may be added to our databases for the purposes of sending upcoming postal mailings, emails, SMS text-messaging, telemarketing new product information, new service information, site updates and/or status of online orders. Currently we do not utilize these methods of communication with applicants but reserve the right to do so in the future.

Through the use and submission of information on our Website, Potential Leads agree that even if their number is found on a do-not-call registry, or similar registry, you may be contacted in any manner contemplated in this section. We reserve the right to share, sell or otherwise disclose your information to third parties. If you utilize our opt out procedures we pass that information on to all third party loan providers that receive their application data for loan eligibility determination.

By providing their personal information, you agree that it may be used for the following purposes: to obtain other information about you from third-parties when the information was improperly or incompletely filled out on our registration form; sharing of their information with trusted third parties such as credit bureaus, affiliated providers and/or other financial services providers in accordance with applicable law; considering you for a web site account; and for other marketing products and services that we determine you might find of interest.

We may employ other companies and individuals to perform certain functions on our behalf. These companies and individuals have access to our users’ personal information in order to perform their functions for the Company, but they are not permitted to use our users’ personal information for other purposes. Examples when other companies or individuals may use our users’ personal information may include sending direct mail and email, SMS text-messaging, telemarketing, analyzing data, removing duplicate information from customer lists and providing marketing analysis.

Any and all sensitive Information that we collect from a Potential Lead and from third-parties as part of our services, will be used to determine your eligibility for a service or product, should you qualify. If a Potential Lead provides personally identifying information, such as your Social Security number, that information may be used to determine your financial status. Upon qualifying for a service or product, your specific financial information will be stored and utilized in accordance with the terms of the applicable affiliate or client’s Privacy Policy.

If we believe that the service and/or Website is being or has been used in violation of the Website’s Terms and Conditions, or to commit unlawful acts, we reserve the right to release current or past user information under the following circumstances: if the information is subpoenaed; if we are sold or acquired; or when we consider it necessary or appropriate. Furthermore, by agreeing to these conditions, Potential Leads hereby consent to disclosure of any record or communication to any third party when we, in our sole discretion, determine the disclosure to be appropriate. This includes, without limitation, sharing their email address with other third-parties for suppression purposes in compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, as amended from time to time, and Federal Trade Commission enabling regulations.

Submission of information through use of our Website means that Potential Leads agree to receive mobile marketing, including but not limited to text-message based marketing, from us and from our third party advertisers and marketers. Although we do not utilize this currently we retain the right to do so in the future. Even though a mobile telephone number may be listed on state and/or federal do-not-call registries, we retain the right, and Potential Leads agree that we may contact you via text message based marketing and in accordance with applicable state and federal law. Additionally, registration and/or use of our Website, amounts to acknowledgment that such act constitutes an inquiry and/or application for purposes of the Amended Telemarketing Sales Rule (16 CFR §310 et seq.), as amended from time to time (the “TSR”). If a telephone number is listed at the Federal Trade Commission’s Do-Not-Call List, we retain the right and the Potential Lead consents to allow us to contact you via telemarketing, in accordance with the TSR.




Although no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure, we store all information collected in a technically and physically secure environment. While we strive to protect personal information, Potential Leads transmit any information at their own risk. We cannot warrant or ensure the security of any information that you transmit. Upon receipt of their transmission, we make reasonable efforts to ensure its security on our systems. We strictly limit access to this information only to employees who need the personal information to perform a specific job. Potential Leads information is not accessible to the public. In the event that we learn of an information security breach with respect to a Potential Lead’s personal information and in compliance with applicable state and federal laws, we will notify those impacted via email along with any applicable regulatory agencies. However, notice may be delayed in order to address the needs of law enforcement, determine the scope of network damage, and to engage in remedial measures.




After completing the application page, a Potential Lead will automatically be redirected to an applicable third party lender’s or seller’s website. As applicable, and in connection with completing their application, we will collect and send their personal information to the respective third party lender or seller. Please note that as a result of their application, you will subject yourself to the third party lender’s or seller’s privacy policy.




If a Potential Lead wants to opt-out from receiving communications from us and/or our third-party partners, you should not submit any information to us. When you submit personally identifiable information while visiting our Website, you have automatically opted-in, meaning that you are requesting that we share their personal information with third parties. However, when you receive marketing communications or are otherwise contacted by these third parties, you should directly notify them how they would like your information used and shared.

Potential Leads may opt-out of any additional email communications regarding our Website by sending their request in writing via email or clicking the unsubscribe button. Again, currently we do not use these forms of communications. If a third party is violating our privacy policy or a Potential Lead’s rights be sure to file a notify us immediately.




We do not permit individuals under eighteen (18) years of age to obtain our products and/or services.




Our Website pages and/or emails may contain electronic images known as “pixel tags.” These are used to track the pages that our visitors and/or users visit at the Website in order to format future campaigns and upgrade visitor information used in reporting statistics. To help determine the effectiveness of a joint promotional or advertising campaign, Pixel tags from third parties may also be present on our Website.

We may use also use “cookies” to help customize Potential Leads access to our Website. A cookie contains information about the Potential Lead and is stored on their hard drive. We may use cookies to anonymously track and target our users’ interests and to further enhance the experience on our Website. Cookies may also be used for advertising tracking purposes.




We reserve the right to change our policy at any time and without prior notice to Potential Leads. Their continued use of our Website, or acceptance of our emails following the posting of changes to this Policy, will mean that you accept any and all such changes and that you agree to continue receiving marketing from us and other third party companies. We reserve the right to contact you regarding your account status and changes to subscriber agreements, Privacy Policy, or any other policies or agreements relevant to you.




Please contact Company directly via certified mail at

1825 N Hutchinson Rd, Suite 201
Spokane Valley, WA 99212

with any questions or concerns related to these Marketing Practices or privacy.