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Is it hard tracking multiple to-do lists? Do you find yourself struggling to remember different client requirements and projects? Whether you are working on a large or small project, these project management apps can help to make your life easier. Most of their custom web apps operate across desktops, laptops, tablets and even leverage the power of mobile apps via your smartphone. The best project management applications can help you streamline tasks, communicate with your team and keep your clients informed.

The Top Project Management Apps of 2017

Each of these project management platforms helps to make your life easier in a different way. From allowing easy collaboration to simplifying time tracking, these apps are ideal for individuals who work in project management. You can choose several of the apps from the list or pick your favorite.

1. Easier Task Collaboration With Smartsheet

According to Forbes, one of the biggest problems with project management platforms is that they tend to treat each project the same. When choosing an app, it is important to find one that has the flexibility to meet the demands of diverse projects. Smartsheet is ideal because it uses file sharing, a spreadsheet-like interface and automation features to help productivity. It can be modified to suit unique project types and sets the standard for team collaboration.

2. Team Tracking With Asana

Asana is one of the best ways to divide and track the project’s work. Through the project management app, users can assign tasks and check on the status of the task. It offers conversation, dashboard and task options so that the team can remain organized. Work can be instantly assigned and accessed through mobile devices. The mobile app version is available for Android and iOS devices.

3. Integrated Project Management With Zoho Projects

According to the Project Management Institute, modern project management boasts of an increasing level of efficiency and better planning. Part of the reason why this change occurred is because of the many tools that project managers have to use. Zoho Projects is an excellent example of this change. This project coordinator helps you with reporting, bug tracking and storing information. It allows integration with Dropbox and Google Apps so that every participant is operating on the same information.

4. One of the Best Project Management Applications: Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects is by far one of the best project management applications available. It lets users keep all of their tasks, files and projects in one spot. A marked calendar and charts make it easy to visualize the progress of the project. Users can easily setup reporting through the app. In addition, Teamwork Projects can be integrated with, Google Drive and Dropbox. Third-party options like accounting and customer support apps are available for integration with the program.

5. Freedcamp’s Organizational Options

Whether you need to organize an event or design a website, Freedcamp offers an organized dashboard and excellent organizational tools. You can use sticky notes to setup your tasks before organizing them in the calendar. The dashboard also makes it simple to use CRM, issue tracking and invoicing. Best of all, Freedcamp’s basic version is free. Users only have to pay for extra add-ons.

6. Inexpensively Manage a Small Team With Wrike

Wrike is free for the first five users, so it is a great app if you need to manage a small team. It helps you track your budget and follow your timeline. Tasks can also be created for each member of the team. Additionally, you can easily convert your emails into tasks through one click of the mouse. Like many of the project management apps on this list, Wrike offers integration with programs like Microsoft Excel, Google Apps and Dropbox.

7. Powerful Collaboration Through ActiveCollab

Recently, ActiveCollab released an updated version. With ActiveCollab 5.0, users have even more powerful task management options. In addition to importing expenses, the app lets you do time tracking and team collaboration. Best of all, it simplifies invoicing. You can easily track your payments and create invoices that can be paid directly to your account.

8. Podio’s Business Communication Options

Podio makes it simple to personalize the app for your unique needs. It makes it simple to manage tasks and communicate with your team. While it offers file storage systems like most project management programs, it can also be used as an internal intranet for your team or a CRM system.
With the right project management apps, you can make your team more efficient and effective. These apps provide easy collaboration options and task management features. To find out more information, check out today.